Tech giant SAP plans to hire a lot of autistic people. Why? People with autism have an alternate view of the universe.

"They can see your product or software differently. They can figure out how something works, break down the product, find the problems and rebuild it -- and they can do all that in their heads," Tara Roehl, a speech pathologist specializing in Autism told Business Insider last May.
Unfortunately, these folks also have really high unemployment rates because they lack social skills and have trouble fitting in.

Sounds like a lot of engineers I know. The social skills and fitting in I mean. Unemployment not so much. And note: Not all autistic people are technically inclined but those into math and science? Wow.

Me? I'm a little like that. My social skills, though, have risen some over the years. I'd estimate that I have risen from the bottom 5% to the bottom 25%. And I'm difficult to manage. Maybe SAP has a job for me? Nah. I'm happy just where I am. The people at ECN have done an excellent job adapting to my personal peculiarities and obsessions.

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