What do you get the obscenely-wealthy executive who has everything? If it’s an especially lazy exec who absolutely must sleep where he lands (his private jet), then the jetway hotel might be perfect.

A private client (with the requisite bankroll and penchant for flamboyant acts of indulgent laziness) commissioned Margot Krasojevic to design this “short stay hotel hangar” for 24-hour periods (before the client is ferried by limo to his penthouse suite).

The contraption is designed for a runway in Qatar – because where else would you indulge in such obscene, wasteful excess? (outside of Vegas, of course)

According to the designer, the jetway hotel is composed of three telescopic fiberglass polymer clad shells, and the hydropneumatic suspension sections can move apart like a bourgeois jet bridge (albeit, one with a bed and bathroom).

Worried about unpleasant runway décor mucking up your lavish accommodations? The jetway hotel has a Sci-Fi-inspired solution. The interior is, “lined with a combination of laminated glass, photovoltaic cells and low-resolution LED Lighting which can be programmed to create any fully immersive environment which either connects you with the existing horizon line and context or completely dislocates you from it.”

Don’t like the thought of sleeping next to your private jet? The jetway hotel can transport you to the Amazonian rain forest or Mt. Kilimanjaro.

And this should give you an indication of the designer’s admittedly noble artistic considerations – “The design concept mimics the heat haze, shimmering effect of high temperatures during takeoff and landing, altering our perception of the immediate environment.”

I’d ask about the noise pollution ruining the fantasy, but then, the jetway hotel isn’t for normal travelers being ferried to commercial airports. This is for the guy (or gal) who can afford their own runway (or land at the sort of airport you or I will never see).

Good to know someone is thinking practically.