The words “mega” and “phone” should never be combined when it comes to cellphones, but that didn’t stop Samsung from making the most ridiculous phone yet.

The company has blown away the competition when it comes to screen size with their new 6.3 inch (diagonally) and 5.8 inch Galaxy Mega phones. For the sake of comparison, the Apple iPhone 5 is 4 inches.

The specs vary between the two “mega phones”:

TSamsung GALAXY Mega 6.3 Courtesy of Samsunghe HD Galaxy Mega 5.8 features a 1.4HzDual Core AP, Android 4.2 OS, a rear and front facing camera, 8GB + 1.5 GB Ram, and Wifi capabilities.

The Galaxy Mega 6.3 is a little more upscale. It features a 1.7GHz Dual Corp AP Processor, Android 4.2 OS, front and rear cameras, 8 or 16GB + 11.5 GB Ram.

Both have more high-end Samsung features including ‘Group Play’, ‘Samsung WatchON’, ‘Samsung Link’, ‘ChatON’ and S Translator and feature the typical sensors like an accelerometer, RGB light, Geomagnetic, Proximity, Gyroscope . The phones will be available starting in May in Europe and Russia, no word yet on when they’ll hit the US market.

All in all, they’re midrange phones, with one large difference: the ridiculous size of the screen.

The company says the phones are “ultrathin and portable.” They may be ultrathin, but this is like carrying a tablet around all the time. It may be technically portable, but it’s not exactly something you want to lug around all day, every day.  

Personally, I want a phone  big enough to watch video or read, but small enough to fit in my pocket or one hand. In fact, the iPhone 5 is a little long for my hand, but since it was designed like that to be more accommodating to apps, I’ll let it go. I already have a laptop and tablet, I don’t need a “phablet”.

I can’t wait for this trend of increasingly larger phones to end. Ten years ago, before the smartphone was big, the style was as sleek and small as possible, but  now designers are pushing the envelope too far the other way. Before you know it we’ll be back to carrying our phones in their own leather satchels.