I never thought I’d say this, but I’m nauseated by pizza — this after taking a gander at Paint Your Pizza, a crowdsourcing site that allows you to turn amateur artwork into quasi-edible Neapolitan creations. I stress quasi-edible because I don’t think I could stomach any of these custom-designed "pizzas."

A Ninja Turtle

Paint Your Pizza is the brainchild of Swedish-born artist Jonas Lund, who designed The — a collaborative platform where users could create “quality art for affordable prices.”

Unfortunately, like many artistic endeavors, The ran afoul of the laws of supply and demand. From a supply of 3,500 crowdsourced masterpieces, there was only a demand for 3.

So Lund rejiggered his creation and came up a tastier alternative — Paint Your Pizza. Using an MS Paint-like interface, the website allows you to collaborate on a pie or design your own tasty confection and then order it online for $36.

That seems pricey — especially when the finished product looks like something that Picasso barfed up after eating too much flatbread.

Paint Your Pizza also has a collection of user-submitted designs on tap; certain designs are par for the course — Ninja Turtles, the "Watchmen" smile, and the Empire State Building. And then you’ve got your usual assortment of lewd and sexually explicit designs that infest any public Internet forum.

Some of them exhibit real, artistic ability.

Others, not so much...

But whether it springs from the brush of Leonardo Davinci or Joe the Plumber, the finished pizza will probably look like Frankenstein’s Monster. If, on the other hand, someone could procure me a blindfold...

Lund currently has a partnership with Ray’s Pizza in NYC and is hoping to expand.