Sometimes, an innovative product changes the landscape of the tech world. It illuminates the masses, electrifies the blogosphere, and raises the overall standard of living. And then there’s this – the Anti-loneliness bowl, a ramen soup receptacle that doubles as an iPhone dock.

What will they think of next??

I never lived away at University (I commuted), so I never got the “authentic” college experience. But to hear others speak of this hallowed tradition, it’s basically 4 years of crazy parties, wild, promiscuous ... umm ... coupling, and copious amounts of ramen noodles.

The Anti-loneliness bowl marries the idea of the poor college student stereotype and the tech nerd who must be within arm’s reach of his smartphone at all times (i.e., me). In addition to a nifty receptacle, the gizmo doubles as a passive amplifier for your iPhone when the bowl is empty.

Designed by Daisuke Nagatomo and Jan Minnie of MisoSoupDesign, the Anti-loneliness bowl has a certain kitschy charm. (Hipsters will lap it up for its name, alone) This miracle of modern technology has more “irony” than your local Hot Topic.

But I’m a bit more practical, and the Anti-loneliness bowl isn’t. I think a user on the blog DramaFever put it best:

“This is great for people who want to get f******* soup all over their phone.”

And I needn’t point out the intrinsic contradiction between the poor schlub who survives on a diet of ramen noodles with the tech nerd who can afford an expensive smartphone (and data plan).

Then again, this country has no shortage of misplaced priorities, nostalgia for simpler (and poorer) times, and irony, so perhaps the Anti-loneliness bowl – like the Pet Rock and Chia Pet before it – is just crazy enough to work.

The Anti-loneliness bowl is still in prototype form (darn!).