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Boeing’s newest Dreamliner

A Gas powered surfboard

And an exclusive opportunity for ECN readers


It hasn’t been a smooth ride for Boeings 787 Dreamliner. The plane has made the news twice for lithium ion battery fires, which grounded the fleet earlier this year. The planes also had problems with the emergency beacon catching fire. But, with over 1000 orders in place for the plane, the show must go on and the first 787-9 Dreamliner, the third variant of the original, made its appearance in Washington this week and is scheduled for delivery to Air New Zealand in 2013.

The 206 foot 787-9 is a twin-engine, twin aisle plane with a cruising speed of 567 mph. It can carry up to 290 passengers  and can travel up to 8500 nautical miles using 20 percent less fuel and 20 percent fewer emissions than similar aircraft.

The Jetsurf Board is a gas-powered surfboard that can move at up 35 mph. It has a 100-cc gas engine, and the board is made from carbon fiber and Kevlar.  If the 2.5 liter tank is full, you can use the board for about an hour. But all that fun doesn’t come cheap, the estimated price is around 16,000. You can pick from one of three versions with the main difference being motors and max speeds. It’s not the first of its kind, the WaveJet, which  is a board and jet drive that uses a powerpod, and  gets you 35 minutes of continuous ride.

Surfs up dude.

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This week’s question relates to 3D printing: How will (or has) 3D printing changed the world of design engineering?

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