I went to a city wide art show this last weekend and ran into the most marvelous artists who does computer generated art that doesn't look like computer generated art - at least not the generic stuff you so often see. His name is Barry Reithmeier. He has a feel for the medium. He uses a tool called Bryce which is currently available for free. He told me he bought the version of Bryce that he uses for $99. He still likes the early versions because he is comfortable with them.

We had a long (for an art show) discussion of how he does his art and how he frames it. The framing is most unusual (brushed stainless steel in various hues) and a piece of art in itself. He makes his art three dimensional by not mounting it directly on or in the frame but distances it from the frame by about an inch. It makes the work stand out. Beautifully.

You can see more of his work at his Image Gallery.

He also has a bio page and this statement that he makes there caught my eye. "His pieces are truly unique and are like nothing that has ever been done before." I'd definitely agree with that.

Besides completed pieces for sale, he will also do commissions. You can contact him through his www page: Barry Reithmeier.

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