We asked you for your words of wisdom for a brand-new design engineer and boy, did you guys have advice in spades. The responses we received were so good in fact, we’ve decided to open up our November Roundtables to our faithful readers in hopes that you can offer more words of wisdom.  Check out the October Roundtable, here.

Typically, the Roundtable is an editorial section consisting of short commentary by five or six experts in a particular vertical market.

As you may know, November is a double-issue month, so we’re throwing out two different questions.
What we’re looking for is a short (anything from two sentences to 250 words) blurb answering the Roundtable question to be considered for publication online and in our print issues.

QUESTION 1: November’s first topic is “Test & Measurement,” so we’re asking experienced design engineers to give us the lowdown on  what’s new in the industry
The question we’re looking to answer: “What trend or new technology will drive the test instrument market in 2013?”
DUE DATE: Wednesday, September 26, 2012

QUESTION 2: November’s second topic is “Materials and Packaging,” so if that’s your industry, speak up and share the knowledge.
The question we’re looking to answer: “What new electronics packaging materials or techniques do you expect to gain popularity in 2013?”
DUE DATE: Wednesday, October 3, 2012

So, if you have some killer advice or industry insight (or any questions) you’d like to pass on send me an email at