I’m inundated with thoughts about light bulbs. That is to say, I think about light bulbs an inordinate amount of time.

When you work with emerging technology, light bulbs are kind of a big deal. Whether it’s LEDs versus incandescent bulbs, how different bulbs affect the environment, how expensive versus how efficient, the perfect wattage for my new lamp or the environmentalists versus the homeowners, I think about them more than the average person.

I’m always interested when designers come up with something new.  

Presenting, the Bluetooth bulb.



 A Bluetooth-enabled lightbulb with a range of 50 meters, which, when paired with a smart phone, allows you to control the brightness, the timing, and even the color of the light bulbs in your general vicinity. On a more practical level, this could lower your energy consumption—also your electricity bill—so it’s making a more sustainable product. 

The bulb uses Bluetooth 4.0 specifications and is compatible with E27, E14 GU10, MR16, and MR11 socket types. The bulbs—both regular and RGB for color—come in 3.-5.-7 W. The bulbs can be paired with an unlimited number of devices so you can control them from a smart phone or tablet.

This is a light bulb news item I can get behind. I look forward to its invasion of my brain and living room.