Audi AG has been making luxury cars since 1932, when four car companies of the 19th and early 20th centuries—Audi, DKW, Horch, and Wanderer—joined to form the company which exists today. The cars are known for their sleek lines, German engineering, high  performance and tech-savvy interior. Now, the company has found a way to expend that sleek, sexy feel to its advertising via the Audi pavilion in the Autostadt located in Wolfsburg, Germany.

The point of the pavilions was to use the design concepts that distinguish their cars from the competition to design not just a showroom, but an experience for visitors. The exhibit had to inspire the same feelings in visitors as the cars do to solidify the advertising and product under the same brand by using innovative technology.

I think the concept team outdid themselves.


To start, each visitor receives an Audi Sphere —an interactive globe complete with Audi four ring logo--upon entering, which stores your name and photo. The sphere contains a multitude of LED lights, which change colors depending on where you are in the pavilion. Each color corresponds with a particular “zone” to visually indicate which area of innovation you’re walking through. If you want to learn more about a particular car or design trait, you place the orb in a recessed outlet to activate the screen and access information.

The experience culminates with  the Audi Connect—a 360 degree projection—which collects information from the various Audi Spheres in the room and uses that to project visuals onto the screen. Because the information on the sphere depends on the person carrying it, it produces a different show every time.

Now, for all you naysayers. Yes, you have to carry something around, which is sort of annoying, and, yes¸ it’s not the most advanced technology in the world, but I like the idea that Audi is trying to make their brand consistent. Also, I just like Audi.  (Full disclosure: I own a Volkswagon and my brother has an Audi.)

There isn’t a lot of information available on the Audi Sphere technology—a lot of it is in German—but it’s nice to see a brand finding a way to promote their product that actually gels with the product itself.

Image courtesy of : Audi/