I'm working on a project that is using the Atmel ATTiny10 microprocessor. The processor is a cute little device with 4 I/O pins, 1,000 bytes of flash and 32 bytes of RAM not counting processor registers some of which could be used as RAM in a pinch.

In order to do the development I bought an AVRISP mkII programmer which comes with version 4 of the software development tools. Unfortunately Version 4 which comes on a CD ROM with the programmer does not support the ATTiny10. What to do? Download Version 6. OK I did that and no icons for the program showed up. UGH. So I re-installed the program to fix that. And it did. Wonderful. On to the next part of the project.

I had designed a development board (schematic here) which has four push button switches, four indicator LEDs (powered by a buffer), and a power indicator (powered by the power). I plugged in the connector from my mkII to the board and what do you know. The programmer unlike the Adafruit programmer which I'm going to report on in another column, does not supply power to the board. Curses. But I am prepared for that. I added some wires to the programmer board in the holes I provided and connected 5 volts to the wires. The lights came on. Hallelujah.

I have now begun to work on the programming. It is taking longer than I like (when doesn't it?) but with the help of a number of FAEs from Atmel (John Corral, Ineyaa N, and Chris Wright) I'm now on the right track. I was discussing my assembler needs with John Corral and told him of my early days with the 8080/Z80, and he said something to the effect of, "taking you back to your childhood." He got that one right. I must say it is fun being an old man. You should try it some time.

Back to business. The most helpful link they sent me was to this page:

AVR Assembler User Guide

I will report back on my programming efforts as I get them. In addition I'm working with a board supplier so those of you who want them can get boards. When I have completed those arrangements (it may take a few weeks) I will report on them as well.

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