Brace yourself. The Department of Motor Vehicles is catching up with the times.

The Tennessee DMV has implemented a system of 71 iPad kiosks, aka automatic self-service electronic terminals, throughout their major metropolitan offices in an attempt to streamline the long lines, unfriendly state employees, and general mayhem that often plagues the department’s reputation.

Basically, it’s the equivalent of self-check-in at the airport.  Some users will opt for the quick, self-service option, while others might prefer to wait for a representative. And I do mean wait. The average wait time at the DMV is 55 minutes, according to the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security.

A specific app on the iPads can be used to renew expired or replace lost licenses and pay for the service via credit or debit card. After a few minutes, the license will be printed and the customer can skip the hassle.

The app can also be used to changed addresses and process reinstatement payments, assuming the driver has filed all appropriate paperwork. In the future, authorities would like to utilize the iPads to schedule driving exams.

Total cost for the kiosks was $79, 200 and they’re actually replacing technology that “reached the end of its service life.” So they’re replacing outgoing dated technology with user friendly, efficient technology with an intuitive interface.

I applaud the Tennessee DMV for using efficient technology—I DO love the iPad—in an intelligent way and not wasting the money on frivolous, unproven technologies. I’m looking at you, Port Authority.


Photo source: Tennessee Department of Motor Vehicle