When my stomach’s rumbling at the mall, airport, or hospital, and I’ve got a hankering for doughy, cheesy goodness, I want my pizza now. Not in the 20 minutes it takes to cook a frozen pie or the apocryphal 30-minutes-or-less delivery nonsense. I want it now. Right now. A1 Concepts will rescue my taste buds (and impatience) when it brings pizza vending machines to the U.S. later this year.

It sounds almost too good to be much so that I checked to make sure it wasn’t April 1st. For about $5.95, you can have a 10.5-inch pizza in less than three minutes. The following video illustrates this miracle of modern Italian cuisine.

When you insert payment, the Let’s Pizza vending machine starts making the dough, kneading and shaping it, and covering it with organic tomato sauce and your choice of toppings. According to A1 Concepts Chief Executive Ronald Rammer, their facilities can produce any kind of pizza — meat, vegetarian, or pies that match Kosher or Muslim dietary restrictions.

The machine’s infra-red oven cooks the pizza (from scratch) in about 2 ½ minutes. Let’s Pizza prepares each pie in a "human-free environment"...which is good news, if a bit cryptic. I suppose it beats subjecting yourself to a germ-infested food court. Sbarro’s can’t prepare a "human-free" pie in 2 ½ minutes, and the resulting confection certainly isn’t fresh.

Meanwhile, each machine is connected to the internet and controls its own inventory...with no human intervention (except for the meatbag who has to deliver the toppings — the machine can’t stock its own ingredients...yet).

A1 concepts will open a U.S. headquarters in Atlanta in the third quarter, and you can expect to see Let's Pizza in malls, airports, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, universities, gas stations, and bus stations.

I’m not saying I’ll make a special trip to try Let’s Pizza and I’m not saying I won’t...

What’s next? A beer-dispensing vending machine that you have to tackle, rugby-style?