I was looking around the 'net and came across the name of someone who worked on the design of Resource One. I logged on to Resource One in '74 (it was part of a hitch hiking trip with my girlfriend, and still wife, from Carbondale, Illinos to the West coast). There were 12 terminals around the Bay Area hooked up to an old SDS mainframe by modem. The project had a catchy name. Community Memory.

It inspired me to get into computers.

Another boost came along at just the right time. The Altair. It came out not long after my return from Resource One.

By '79 I had designed the I/O board that went into the world's first BBS. Fun times.

Which brings up today's community memory which is a whole lot larger. So I'm going to focus - on electronics naturally. The Designers Guide has a page up with a very neat Reverse Polish Calculator. It is engineering oriented and has a simple but extensive help page. For more resources you can visit the main page of The Designers Guide which has sections for modeling, analysis, and theory and more. Plus they have various BBSes (Forums). I like that. Especially the relatively instantaneous turn around these days compared to the three day turn around on FIDO Net.

My old friend and software engineer extraordinaire, Clyde W. Phillips, sent me some interesting links as well. First up is The Free Country. Some of the tools they have for engineers include:

Free Programming Language Compilers
Free Source Code and Programming Libraries
Free Programming Tools and Utilities
Programming Documentation
Free Emulators and Virtual Machines

And that is just from one of the many boxes on the page. Now we come to link two. It is all about how to set up a www site and use it to start making money from the www.

And a few more odds and ends:

Blogging For Fun And Profit. I have been a semiprofessional writer for a very long time. I think my first paid article was back in '77 or '78. Motorola paid me to do tech writing. I have done some other paid and free stuff since then. Nothing improved my writing skills like doing a blog post every day for about 6 years. It teaches you to write at will. Because some days you will "have to" post even when you don't feel like it. It builds character.

Here is a nice one on Starting A Business. I liked the last number in their list.

4. Create cash flow first, then profits.

I can't imagine how you can make profits without cash flowing. Even if the cash flowing is only the profits.

All the above is not exactly Richard Brautigan's "All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace", but definitely a step towards that. And yes. The poem is somewhat out of context in this part of the post. But Brautigan's vision was part of my motivation for going into computers. I first read it in 1969 as I recollect. And where did I first read it? On a sheet of computer print out paper. How apt.

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