Dave (Wisconsin) WilsonThis blog is for all you control engineers up there in the New England area. The TI Industrial Control training event is coming to Boston on Tuesday, March 27th through Thursday, March 29th. We did this about a month ago in Chicago, where over 50 engineers attended for each day. Now that we have completed a “dry run”, I expect the Boston seminar will be even better! A mere $79 gets you in for all three days, and this includes the cost of meals PLUS you get to keep the development board you will use in all of the lab exercises!

On the first day, Richard Poley from our C2000 System Applications team will teach you everything you always wanted to know about control theory, but were afraid to ask. This includes fundamental control theory concepts, feedback systems, transient analysis and tuning, discrete time system analysis and design, digital control systems, and control system implementation. Yours Truly will take the floor on the second day, where I will discuss the wonderful world of motor control. I take the stuff that Richard talks about on the first day, and bring it down to where the rubber meets the road in terms of real motor control systems and applications. This includes a discussion of motor topologies, energy regeneration, signal reconstruction techniques, Field Oriented Control, and sensorless control. I also have created several fun simulation exercises that we can work on together, so please bring your laptop. Finally, Ken Schachter steps up to the plate on the third day to drive home these concepts by guiding you through the process of how to implement these techniques on a C2000 processor. Ken will provide an architectural overview of our C2000 family, and discuss the programming development environment, linker command files, peripheral header files, interrupts, reset, system initialization, overview of the control peripherals, and even gets in to flash programming. By the time you complete this class, you will not only have a solid understanding of control theory, but also be able to apply that knowledge to motor control systems, and then translate that knowledge into a physical implementation on our C2000 processors (not to mention that you will be able to really impress your friends and family with your new-found expertise!)

Incidentally, of the three presenters, I am the only one who can speak with a true American accent. Richard has a very distinctive British accent, and uses words like “al-u-min-i-um” instead of “a-lu-min-um”. Ken, on the other hand talks with a thick New York accent (which I suppose some New-Englanders will try to argue is an American accent, but we folks in the Midwest know better), and uses words like “wardah” instead of “water”. At any rate, we have a lot of fun presenting together, and it all works out to be a great time for everyone in the end.

For more information, or to sign up for this event, please contact Kim Rutherford at 781-895-9185, or

So mark your calendars for March 27th through March 29th for the Texas Instruments Industrial Control Training event in Boston, and hopefully we will see you there! In the meantime…

Keep those motors spinning! :-)

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