This month, it was all about heat! Are you trying to decide whether or not to use your fireplace, space heater, or your heat at all? Our bloggers posted several articles on the hot topic of heating your home during the cold winter months:

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Marcus Kray commented on LEDs: The Future of Lighting is Here: Is it possible that as this technology advances and becomes more mainstream that LED bulbs will become less expensive? That's my only hangup with LED bulbs. I just remodeled my house and didn't have enough left in the budget to spend $60/bulb for the can lights I installed in the ceiling. I understand the cost savings over the life of a bulb, but the initial investment is a lot to bear.
fred commented on Oh, the (Energy-Related) Stories I Have Heard...:With the prices of gas going up I think the Wood Pellet Stoves are looking better all the time. Gas is so much easier than chopping tons of wood and until recently was pretty cheap. I know the worst way to heat your house is electricity, at least as far as price is concerned.
Radiant Barrier commented on Oh, the (Energy-Related) Stories I Have Heard...: I read your post and immediately thought of a similar story. Thanks for the opportunity to share it.
A few years ago during the winter I entered my tenants house to fix a plumbing issue. To my amazement and horror, the oven (gas) was open and turned on as well as the all four burners of the stove were engaged. When I questioned my tenant, he told me he was heating the kitchen.
When I asked him what was wrong with the cast iron radiant heat system he told me tried to bleed the lines and the system was not working well. Upon further inspection, the system was very low on water and running operating completely inefficiently. My tenant was compensated by supplementing with whatever heat source he could find which was the gas stove.
I promptly informed him dangerous what he was doing was and refilled the radiant heat system with water. I bled the radiators at the point of the radiator (the only place they can be bled) and the system returned to normal efficiency.
I was amazed. You do truly have to look at the course of the heating issue and then backtrack from there. Thanks.