Jerry GipperHeld this year in Cocoa Beach on January 16 and 17, Embedded Tech Trends 2012 is a networking event for companies in the critical embedded computing industry. The purpose of the event is to enable sponsors to network with each other and with the leading editors and analysts in the embedded computing industry.

VITAThis year’s event was attended by fifteen sponsor companies and twelve of the top editors in the industry. Each day was packed with informative presentations and panel discussions plus time for networking.

apollo 1The event kicked off on Sunday with a visit to the Kennedy Space Center. Attendees toured the Air Force’s Cape Canaveral launch sites where the early missions of the American space program occurred.

The group was able to stand in the bunker used to control the first launch of the Redstone rockets that were used in the Mercury program. We also toured Gemini launch sites and stood on Launch Complex 34 where Apollo 1 met its catastrophic fate. The tour ended at the visitors center where a real Saturn V rocket and command module are on display.

The agenda started off on Monday with the introduction, followed by presentations delivered by the sponsors on various VITA technologies:



Opening Remarks VITA Jerry Gipper
VITA 59: ESMexpress® COM MEN Mikro Elektronik GmbH Manfred Schmitz
VITA 74: Small Form Factor Standard Themis Computer Dennis Smith
OpenVPX™ Dispels the Notion that VPX is not 
Multi-Vendor Interoperable
Elma Electronic Inc. David Hinkle
OpenVPX™ Successfully Deployed Mercury Computer Systems, Inc. Paul Monticciollo, CTO
VPX™ in Action Pentek, Inc. Rodger Hosking
VME in Critical Embedded Applications MEN Mikro Elektronik GmbH Manfred Schmitz, CTO
Signal Integrity and VPX Backplane Architecture Trends Elma Bustronic Michael Munroe
VITA 51: Introduction to the Reliability Community Boeing Lori Bechtold
Get Flexible with FMC TechwaY Patrick Mechin, President
Debugging PCI Express in Embedded Systems  LeCroy John Wiedemeier
An Overview of Optical Interconnect Technology Samtec Will Ouyang


executive panelMonday’s agenda included an executive panel that was moderated by John McHale (OpenSystems Media). On the panel were Peter Cavill (GE Intelligent Platforms), Manfred Schmitz (MEN Mikro Elektronik GmbH), Ken Grob (Elma Electronic Inc.), and Paul Monticciolo (Mercury Computer Systems). They discussed topics ranging from technical challenges to what the future holds for critical embedded computing. The presentations are also available for viewing at the VITA website at

Also participating in the event as sponsors were Aitech, CES - Creative Electronic Systems, Concurrent Technologies Plc, Emerson Network Power - Embedded Computing, and Interface Concept.

About VITA
Founded in 1984, VITA is an incorporated, non-profit organization of suppliers and users who share a common market interest in critical embedded systems. VITA champions open system architectures. Its activities are international in scope, technical, promotional, and user-centric. VITA aims to increase total market size for its members, expand market exposure for suppliers, and deliver timely technical information. VITA has ANSI and IEC accreditation to develop standards (VME, VXS, VPX, OpenVPX, VPX REDI, XMC, FMC, etc.) for embedded systems used in a myriad of critical applications and harsh environments. For more information, visit