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One of the most popular questions we receive in the Energy Savers mailbox is about taking advantage of rebates after buying an item.

"I just bought an energy-efficient (fill in the blank). Can I get a rebate or tax deduction?"

The best way to find out if the product you want is eligible for an incentive is to find out before you buy it. This is because different programs have different requirements for purchases. There may be a deadline to either purchase a product or have it installed, so check first before you invest in an energy-efficient or renewable-energy product for your home.

Here at Energy Savers, we don’t track actual products. Instead, we tell you how to locate and take advantage of rebates, tax deductions, and other incentives.

If you want to find out what incentives you can take advantage of, check out these links:

Research first, then enjoy shopping knowing you can take advantage of incentives.

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