The main reason the Energy Savers Blog exists is to communicate saving money & energy at home with you: the consumer. Our blogging team includes several people whose work supports different areas of the U.S. Department of Energy, and we're all motivated to share our life and work experience with you.

We love your comments, positive or constructive, engaging or neutral. Up to this time, commenting has been left open for all blog entries going back to the very first blog entry. We have noticed, however, that the real, on-topic comments typically come in within a few weeks of a blog entry being posted.

So we've decided to close comments on all blog entries that are 30 days or older. Take a look at the updated blog policy to see what's in there. This will take effect Monday, December 19, 2011.

That being said, we'd love to hear from you if you have a question or comment about anything in the blog. Feel free to leave a comment on any blog entry, or respond to another reader's comment if you like. If you have a comment or question regarding an older blog entry, please contact the Energy Savers Webmaster directly.

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