Art SalyerAccording to a recent report by the Renewable Energy Policy Network, renewable energy now accounts for 20 percent of global electricity.  With a rapidly expanding renewable energy market, the industry is buzzing with ideas about how we can help store wind and sun to power global smart grids.

Recently our company was excited to announce that we are taking a larger role in powering the world with green technology through a strategic alliance with Trojan Battery Company, the world’s leading manufacturer of lead-acid deep-cycle batteries

The new partnership will offer Trojan’s customers with lithium-based solutions under the Trojan brand in key markets, which include renewable energy, golf, transportation, floor machine, aerial work platform, marine and recreational vehicles.

I’m most excited about the opportunities this partnership provides for Palladium to play a larger role in the renewable energy market, which includes various smart grid applications like smart meters, routers and sun and wind storage.  The world’s leading smart meter manufacturers already trust Palladium’s smart grid power solutions, but this strategic alliance will eventually catapult our company into medium and large format applications like the storing the sun and wind, allowing us to have an even larger role in powering the world with green technology.

Lithium, the preferred technology for many portable and back-up applications due to inherent fit, form, function and green characteristics, has long been regarded as an environmentally-friendly, green technology—a requirement for the renewable energy market.

Additionally, lithium is lighter weight, smaller in size and has a greater energy density than some other technologies.   Lithium-based technologies also have long-term benefits because they require less operational expense over the useful life of the product.  Simply put, it’s more cost-effective to maintain lithium batteries.  For these reasons, many of the renewable energy applications will be lithium-based in the future.

You can click here to read today’s press release about Palladium and Trojan’s partnership.