NXP’s PN544 near field communication (NFC) radio controller will support Windows 8, the company has announced.

Picture: NXP

NXP says it worked closely with Microsoft to develop an NFC driver for Windows 8, enabling a variety of use cases that are triggered by close proximity or a “tap”.

NFC technology offers a high level of convenience and through simple touch gestures allows various devices, such as tablets, notebooks, PCs, smartphones and other computing devices, to easily interact with each other or with passive devices, such as tags, labels and posters.

The “Tap to pair/ Tap to share” and other use cases available with Windows 8 include device/accessory pairing, in which one can tap to pair with Bluetooth headset or speaker for example, and ease of data sharing between devices.

NFC can also be used to transfer control from one device to another, such as to initiate a transfer of a video call from a tablet to another NFC-enabled device. NFC has the capability to link the physical world with the Cloud, enabling the tablet to interact with smart posters and other devices equipped with a NFC tag.