August was the hottest month on record for some of us, while others braced ourselves for the likes of hurricane Irene and earthquakes! Unfortunate power outages aside, saving energy is always a hot topic during the dog days of summer. See what we've been talking about in August:

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  • Energy Savers has launched a campaign with the Ad Council to promote awareness about how saving energy saves money. Our new Saving Energy Saves You Money tab on Facebook has great interactive content such as videos, quizzes, and energy saving tips. Check it out!
  • We have a new section on Energy Savers: Lighting Choices to Save You Money. Learn about today's energy efficient light bulbs and how they can save you money at home.

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  • Michael commented on Have You Seen Energy Efficiency Improvements in Your Neighborhood?: "I live in the state of Wisconsin and we have numerous wind projects ongoing throughout the state. It provides sort of a surrealistic feeling, but is quite essential to our growth and sustainability!"
  • And John commented on the same post: "What an amazing project! I live in Westminster, MD, and over the past few years I have seen many projects. Energy Saving community events are always going on somewhere. But the most exciting project that I have been a part of was working on a $92,000 state grant that provided low-moderate income home-owners each with an energy audit and retrofit. They saved a lot of money, learned a ton about home performance, and we even identified and corrected several cases of asbestos and gas leaks. It was great to be a part of a project that brought our community together for something that was positive for everyone."


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