Opening new offices in other countries always presents interesting challenges. Differences in time zones, never mind culture, can put people’s tempers and stomachs on edge as one group delays dinner, putting in overtime while the other heads into office without breakfast just to find common times to connect.

This past year’s launch of the LDRA office in Bangalore, India was no exception. Although India has become a hub for many companies, the maturity of software processes, understanding of the certification and integration into a broader global development team has been rife with challenges, not helped of course by the large time zone differences.

What’s been exciting for me has been how well our India team has combatted these issues. Headed by Shinto Joseph, a seasoned veteran in critical software development, LDRA has made a mark on India’s software development practises. Here are just some of the milestones Joseph and his team have accomplished:

• Opened domain-specific Competency Centres with major institutions and regulators in Military Avionics, Nuclear and Defense
• Strengthened the local regulatory framework to establish safer, more secure software systems
• Delivered a series of educational seminars on the importance of incorporating better-quality practices into their product development.
• Testing services and partner training programs have enabled local companies to meet their certification requirements and contribute to industry development.
• Thanks to LDRA’s strong distributed capabilities, code developed in India is automatically integrated into the overall system, enabling international companies to embrace a comprehensive corporate certification strategy.
• Local experts in standards, such as IEC 61508, DO-178B, IEC 62304, ISO 26262, MISRA C, MISRA C++, CERT C, etc., have drafted articles showing how to implement these standards into software development processes that have published in American, British, German and local publications.

There’s a strong correlation between software quality and solid corporate profitability. I am proud that LDRA India can boast so many accomplishments in just one year.

And they’re not done. Starting Sept 5, LDRA India will offer a series of technology seminars on aerospace, nuclear and defense best practices and certification and in Q4 technology trend seminars will be applied to medical, rail, automotive and security. Check for more info.