Hypertac has unveiled the C128 Series, a new hi-rel 128-way two contact row PCB connector, which it will be exhibiting at DSEi in London next month.

Picture: Hypertac

The new connectors utilise the company’s proprietary Tortac socket contact technology which has a reduced contact to contact pitch of 1.27mm. This technology maintains the exceptional characteristics exhibited by the standard Hyperboloid contact: very low fretting corrosion and superior signal continuity integrity under high shock and vibration levels are achieved in a much smaller contact diameter.

Housed within a nickel plated aluminium shell, 128 contacts are now able to be accommodated on only two rows arranged in a square grid pattern on a 1.27mm pitch, compliant with the requirements of MIL DTL 55302 sheets 120 and 121. The C128 Series’ electrical and environmental characteristics make it suitable for the harsh environments experienced in defence, military communications and test & measurement applications and it has already proved to be particularly suited to airborne radar platforms.

C128 connectors feature extreme resistance to salt spray and shock and vibration over the full military temperature range. A low stacking height, very low insertion force, light weight characteristics and reverse gender further enhance their robust nature.

This MIL DTL 55302 interchangeable product is the direct result of the markets’ need for a more robust and reliable connector than currently available. It has been specifically targeted towards demanding avionics applications and illustrates Hypertac’s ability to quickly respond to customer requests and requirements with rugged products for harsh environments.