Andrew StewartWith the catapulting of Micro SIM from a ‘parked’ format into the market due to inclusion in high profile Apple consumer devices other manufacturers in the consumer section are taking a look at the advantages using the smaller form factor might bring.

To confuse matters the smaller form factor is also known as Mini UICC or 3FF (3rd form factor).

Micro SIM cards have the same thickness and contact arrangement as Mini SIM card, however the reduced card size of 12mm x 15mm shows significant savings in both PCB and card footprints.

GradConn were first to market with a Micro SIM connector in October 2010, we are seeing customers putting a ‘toe into the water’, we’ve shipped 100’s of sample requests into many different industry sectors including metering, consumer and personal tracking and taken many prototype and preproduction orders, the volume orders are now starting to appear.
GradConn Micro SIM CH03-FB
Why the time lag? Customer product design cycle is one issue, card availability another, although signs are that the cards are becoming widely available and finally connector price, in price sensitive consumer devices if the customer is forced to pay a premium for the Micro SIM connector there is a strong chance that the commercial decision will outweigh design space savings.

GradConn are excited to launch CH03-FB, With 6 or 8 contacts, a height of just 2.4mm and a price point to allow you to transition from traditional Mini SIM design with no price penalty. 


To speed up your design 3d Iges files are available for download here: or contact your local GradConn sales office now for pricing and free samples for approval.

GradConn are also developing a hinged lid µSIM design and are interested in customer feedback and design requirements, don’t hesitate to contact me directly to discuss design features you require in a hinged design.