Ian SneadAre you using video on your site to help you market your products and services? Video is one of the most dynamic and effective ways to communicate to your customers and potential customers. Many tech savvy customers expect to see video and if your site does not provide video, they feel that something is missing.

There are many ways your site can use video. Here are some examples.

Product Commercials - Make a commercial about tech products and your services - Everyone knows commercials and advertisements work. Creating a commercial for web use can be a lot less expensive than for broadcast or cable television. Even better, online video ads are trackable and can include hot spots to enable your customers to click on the ad and go directly to a product page on your site. Try that with a million dollar SuperBowl commercial!

Customer Testimonials and Reviews - One of the most powerful media messages is the use of a customer saying wonderful things about your product or service. The video does not have to be slick or fancy - it just needs to be clean and short with good audio. Under two minutes is perfect. The secret is to go over what your customer or reviewer is going to say and make sure they are comfortable with it. You ought to try to do it in a single take without any editing.

Customer Service - Many technology companies have greatly reduced the cost of customer support and service by creating a series of short how to videos that show how their product is assembled, used, configured, and/or installed. Instead of having your customers calling in questions, they can simply watch the video and see how to do it themselves.

Once you have created your videos, you need to make sure they can be seen by your customers. Most business prefer to use a professional online video platform (OVP) like to host and distribute their videos because the OVP provides the highest level of quality and control for your videos. For example, the customizable vzaar video player lets you add your company's branding, colors, logos, pictures, etc to the video player. You can make the video player any size and shape.

Check out the vzaar blog to see some examples of how to create creative looking video layers for your site - on their recent blog.
You also can add clickable hot spots and marketing messages as part of the video. You can protect your videos against hackers and even make your online viewers sign in before they see the videos. And of course, by using analytics, you can track who is accessing your videos for your sales staff to follow up on.

The OVP can deliver the video to variety of devices including mobile. Flash, HTML5, mobile formats, etc. By using an OVP, you let them deal with the technical aspects of delivering the video to a worldwide audience.

There are dozens of more ways to use video to help promote your technology and business. Feel free to contact the team at 1-877-831-7110 or at