Scott FillebrownAs the president and CEO of Automated Circuit Design (ACD), a leading supplier to the electronics industry, I’m always looking for ways to keep the company one step ahead of competition. We’re building on 27 years in business as one of the most dynamic and fastest growing design and contract assembly companies in the greater southwest area of the United States. It’s imperative that we remain at the top of our game in order to meet our current and future customers’ needs.

Lately we’ve been experiencing increased orders and noticed that it was getting a little tight around the production floor. Talk about a good problem to have, right? In keeping with our strategy, we decided to expand, which would give us the foundation to meet ongoing demand with plenty of additional capacity to meet our customers’ forecasted requirements. We started by investing in a new production floor. From there, we expanded our existing facility by 13,500 ft2 and expanded the SMT and repair areas. This, as well as our Juki purchase, allowed us to increase capacity from 95,000 to 355,000 placements per hour, and expand from two production lines to five. But why stop there? We also doubled the warehouse and hand assembly, box build and test, enabling us to increase each functional area of the shop floor.

This expansion is proving beneficial to us as well as our community in Richardson, TX. Mayor Gary Slagel is pleased. “The company has been a tremendous corporate citizen and partner in our community, and I’m happy our city has been able to host and provide the resources and infrastructure needed to help continue its story of success.”

Bill Sproull, CEO of the Metroplex Technology Business Council of the Richardson Chamber of Commerce, added, “We are delighted to learn of the recent expansion of ACD, a member of both the Metroplex Technology Business Council and the Richardson Chamber of Commerce, and the many new jobs that have been created as a result. Congratulations to CEO Scott Fillebrown and his team for growing this outstanding circuit board design and production company to 175 employees and being a valued part of Richardson’s semiconductor industry cluster.”


This expansion also allows ACD to be even more responsive in providing physical design, PCB manufacture, prototype, and small production assembly production, box build and logistics. We offer large overseas production so it is important to be able to offer these as turnkey services. Additionally, we provide functional test operation and development, as well as flying probe and boundary scan test.

As part of our continual expansion efforts, we also plan to grow our test and development department, which will result in an increased number of jobs manufactured offshore. Another area where we anticipate robust growth is in turnkey work, from design through final box build and logistics. To enable us to accomplish all of these goals, we expect to add more equipment over the next few years.

So stay tuned as we continue upping the ante…