May went by faster than a cheetah chasing a gazelle! Spring is on our minds, and we've been talking about ways to make our commutes and vacations more efficient among other things. Here's a recap:

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  • Our fact sheet highlighting the State Energy Efficient Appliance Rebate Program's energy and cost savings across the country was updated this month. Read more about the fact sheet or download PDF it.

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Comment Spotlight

  • Frank commented on How are Homeowners and Businesses Paying for Solar Energy Systems? :"Solar energy and other green energies are the futur ! They should be promoted more and supported. The more people have solar pannels the more their prices will go down. It is only a question of time before it gets affordable for all of us. And I wish such technology was given more support !"
  • Sherri commented on Drive Less, Save More: "You may not be able to bike to work but using your bike for errands etc is usually an option. I know my commute isn't the safest, but riding around town is doable. Lots of communities are becoming more bike friendly but we all need to be advocates to see change. Exercise with a purpose is a win win!"
  • John commented on Smart Meters and a Smarter Grid: "I just had one installed in my house. They are charging me a 1.6% surcharge (tax) on top of the ridiculous rates here in Southern California. Asked when I can see my data and was told not until later on! Also we don't have peak and off peak so who cares. What a waste of resources and money. When I read these fanboy sites lots of hype and no meat! Tell me exactly how the new smart meter on my house can be used to save me energy and therefore money! I have yet to get a real answer. Just some mumbo jumbo!"

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