Tom WaechterIn my role as the CEO of a global technology company, I’m often asked to reveal the secret to market growth. When I think of what drives our brand and our interaction with customers two words come to mind: collaborative innovation. I define this as “innovation with a purpose” aiming to fully capitalize on technology’s promise to create new markets and enhance lives.

To ensure that we are focused on real business needs and real market opportunities, we spend a lot of time with our customers all over the world to understand their strategy and their business. This allows us to gauge their technology needs and learn how we can innovate to help meet these needs.

JDSU collaborates with world-class companies across a range of industries – including communications networking, financial services, energy, and consumer electronics – and has a unique opportunity to apply its technology expertise to drive innovation with real-world impact.
JDSU has been driving markets forward with collaborative innovation across multiple service areas. For example:

• As carriers work to build 4G LTE broadband networks to meet their growing bandwidth needs due to increased demand from mobile devices, JDSU works with communications equipment makers and service providers to ensure the networks are reliable and ready for use.

• JDSU develops lasers and filters for companies developing gesture recognition devices aimed to improve home-entertainment, personal-computer and medical applications. These devices may soon replace all control mechanisms such as keyboards and remotes.

• JDSU develops brand authentication technologies for customers across geographies and industries such as pharmaceuticals and financial services to help protect brands and consumers against counterfeiting and tampering of products.
With these collaborations, JDSU is helping develop products and technologies with real impact, not just innovation for the sake of innovation. By employing this philosophy to various business endeavors, other companies will be able to better meet the needs of their customers and improve the way we live, work and play.