Apple Apple fanboy gives up iOS for a week.

I wouldn't say I was an Apple fanboy per se, for starters I use a desktop PC (quad core Intel and the gubbins) for most of my work and home computer-related shenanigans, a Toshiba netbook when working abroad, and have a 15-inch Toshiba laptop in case of emergencies. There's not a sniff of Steve Jobs lurking around my IT bubble.

However, I have been an iPod evangelist in a music sense since upgrading to a first gen (gold) Mini from a Diamond Rio 500 MP3 player. The latter stored one album at a time, the former 100s. It was a no brainer decision, and one clearly made for practical reasons rather than brand loyalty.

So, it was natural that when my Nokia N95's second battery gave up the ghost - a common complaint on an otherwise excellent handset - and I wanted to plump for a smartphone with MP3-playing prowess, I decided to upgrade two devices at once. And, as all of my music was already catalogued on iTunes, an iPhone (3GS) beckoned.

It was only then that I thought, ooo... I've bought two Apple products in a row, but hardly obsessive behaviour.

Then, over the following year, I had bought and acquired so many apps, and had my iTunes set up so specifically, it made sense to stick to the brand when itching for a faster, sleeker experience - enter the iPhone 4.

But, as a comic book lover and massive film fan, there was always a yearning for bigger screen real estate and buying an iPad, therefore, made perfect sense - iPad 2 less so, but you'll read more on that later.

So, I actually own just two Apple devices which I use regularly, which is hardly fanboy-like behaviour. But, as I do love them both so much, giving them up for a single Android smartphone seems like the idea of a crazy man... And for a week?

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