Have you ever had a question—maybe about energy efficiency, renewable energy, the Department of Energy, or the like—and not had any idea where to find the answer? Have you ever gone through the EERE website and not known where to find what you're looking for?

The reason I am asking all these hypothetical questions is because I wanted to bring your attention to an well-established resource of EERE's that you might not know about: the EERE Information Center!

You can call them; e-mail your question; or contact them through their new "live chat" system, which lets you ask your questions right from your browser window. And if you have a common or pretty basic question, you might want to check out their Frequently Asked Questions first, just to make sure your answer isn't there.

It's a totally free service provided by the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy to U.S. citizens. So the next time that you have a question about energy efficiency, renewable energy, or anything like that, you might want to consider seeing if they can find an answer for you.

Elizabeth Spencer is a communicator at DOE's National Renewable Energy Laboratory, which assists EERE in providing technical content for many of its Web sites.