Every tradeshow has these: the strange products, human snafus, and general quirkiness that characterizes a large organized event. CES 2011 was no exception. From the "Kegputer" to "eyes-only" video gaming, there was plenty of uniqueness on display. Enjoy! Special thanks to ECN's photographer-extraordinaire, Andrew Maiman.

Technical Editor Jason Lomberg got to try out the “Eyes-only” video gaming tech demo from Waterloo Labs of National Instruments. The tech (”electro-oculography”) uses ADCs from Analog Devices.

The requisite underwater tech  shot.

ECN’s photographer-extraordinaire, Andrew Maiman, poses with the “For Dummies” mascot.

Wanna wash your CDs? This was actually just a humorous attention-grabber, not an actual product.

The high-tech plumbing technology was back from last year (and probably prior years)

The Nvidia “Kegputer”, a fully-functioning beer keg and gaming rig. It was running “Starcraft II” at the show.