spazianiWe're proud to announce that CHiL Semiconductor is expanding its worldwide sales and support channels by opening sales offices in Japan and in Europe. High electricity costs have made CHiL’s energy efficient solutions, which result in increased efficiency across the entire load line, particularly attractive in these markets.

As Jonus Chen, CHiL’s vice president of sales put it, “CHiL is committed to bringing highly efficient, cost effective digital power to the computing and communications markets worldwide. Our customers strive to be leaders in energy efficient solutions and have chosen to work with CHiL’s technology to bring them to the next level.”

When applied to server class products, CHiL’s efficiency-improving techniques can save up to 85 watts per server card at peak operation, and 40 watts during typical operation.  In data centers that operate 24/7, this translates to annual savings of 350 to 700kWh per board, resulting in significantly reduced power, heat and operating costs. 

Throughout the entire operating range, CHiL’s variable gate drive algorithm adjusts the gate drive voltage to minimize gate drive losses at low operating loads, and optimize conduction losses at high loads. 

In idle state, CHiL’s proprietary discontinuous-mode operation requires no sensing circuitry and can be configured digitally to optimize performance.  In low current modes, the automatic dynamic phase control optimizes the number of operation phases to minimize power losses. Simultaneously, the non-linear digital transient response, known as adaptive transient algorithm, or ATA, can easily respond to the processor, instantly increasing its load.  

CHiL true-digital algorithms can be applied to readily available off-the-shelf components, and do not rely on specific, often costly, semiconductor products to achieve these exceptional power savings.     

Customers in Japan will find CHiL products supported by a prominent Japanese distributor, Hakuto Co., Ltd., which supports leading edge technical suppliers with a focus on energy savings.

CHiL customers in Japan can contact Hakuto at:
Hakuto Co., Ltd.
1-13, Shinjuku 1-Chome, Shinjuku-Ku, Tokyo 160-8910, Japan
Phone: 81-3-3225-8910
Fax: 81-3-3225-9001

To support its European customers, CHiL Semiconductor has engaged the technical sales representative firm Eurosemi, headquartered in Germany and supporting customers throughout Central, Southern and Eastern Europe. Contact Eurosemi at:
EuroSemi GmbH
Münchner Strasse 3
D-85667 Oberpframmern
Tel: +49 (0) 8093 905860

For more information, please visit