Linnea BrushPower supply technologies are often synergistic, and the success of one can be dependent on the success of another. Energy harvesting is considered a “solution to the problems with batteries” in ultra-low-power applications, but new battery technologies have stepped forward to actually facilitate energy harvesting. Thin-film batteries are one such energy storage solution that is expected to see increased sales over the next few years. Darnell’s Power Forum will feature two papers on this subject: “Advanced Energy Harvesting Architectures Using Embedded Energy and Energy Processors” from Cymbet; and “Perpetually Powered RF Pedometer Powered by Micro-Energy Cells Combined with Energy Harvesting” from Infinite Power Solutions.


Other papers at DPF ‘10 on Energy Harvesting will include:


• Maximizing Energy Output of Energy Harvesting Power Supplies with Adaptive Power Management

• Ultra-Low Power Conversion and Management Techniques for Thermoelectric Energy Harvesting Applications

• Nano to Zero – Implementing a Low Power Wireless Sensor Node with Zero Sleep Power

• Slow and Steady Wins the (Low Power) Race

• Sleeping 99% of the Time – Extremely Low-Power Embedded Systems


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