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While Innovative Energy is intended to be a forward-looking section of, I would be remiss if I didn’t ask you to help us take a look back…say at the past year or so. Why, you ask? ECN’s Readers Choice Tech Awards are right around the corner.

Each year, the Readers Choice Tech Awards celebrate some of the best new products that can help change the way designers meet their challenges. Each product category that ECN covers will be represented, and later this fall, visitors to will vote for the year’s best new products. The winning products for each category will be presented in the December 15, 2010 Awards issue, as well as on our website
In recent years, ECN’s Readers Choice Tech Awards have included an Energy Efficiency category. So I’d like to ask you, the Innovative Energy reader, to help nominate the best products introduced between October 2009 through September 2010 that offered the most desirable “green” or “efficiency” benefits in the Energy Efficiency category:

Did you come across a noteworthy product that had a positive impact on green technology?
Perhaps a product that greatly improved your device’s efficiency?
Why not let us know about it so it can get the recognition it deserves!

And while you’re at it, be sure to vote in all the other more traditional component categories that ECN covers each month. Simply Click here  to nominate before September 17. You’ll be asked for the model number, manufacturer and product type. Additional comments are encouraged, and they may be used in ECN magazine! Then be sure to come back later this fall to view the finalists and vote for the winner in each of ECN’s product categories, including Energy Efficiency.