Linnea BrushWind power and photovoltaics get plenty of publicity, but how are the new power implementations taking place? Darnell’s Power Forum ’10 will feature several papers that look at some innovative applications of power in the alternative energy space. One such application will be addressed in a paper from Texas Instruments titled, “Digital Power Finds a Place in the Sun.” Dave Freeman will give examples of digital control and management for solar energy, where digitally controlled power is the dominant control method for the majority of solar inverters, ranging from micro-inverters through string and central inverters. There are many rules for connecting solar power to the grid; using digital control helps meet these requirements. In addition, digital methodology makes the implementation of algorithms easier and allows it to be adaptive across a broad range of solar irradiance.


Along with digital power, DPF ’10 will focus on a number of topics with implications for renewable energy powering, including:


• Smart Grid

• Energy Harvesting

• Thin-film Batteries

• Micro Fuel Cells

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