Linnea BrushWhat are the power implications of the Smart Grid? Everyone in the power supply community wants to know this, but not much has been agreed upon. Darnell’s Power Forum ’10 will bring some clarity to this question with a session on “Enabling the Smart Grid”. One of the presentations in this session will be given by Bob White from Embedded Power Labs. His paper, “A New Method of Monitoring and Reporting Average Input Power,” will address the problem of getting energy use information from the power supply to the energy management process. This is one of the fundamental challenges of any “smart grid” implementation, requiring accuracy, averaging intervals, minimal data age, and minimal latency. The key is to transfer the computation burden to the host system, which is the resource with the most computational power. Other speakers in this session will include Mark Szalkus from GE Digital Energy and Chuck Thomas from Electric Power Research Institute.


The Smart Grid is just one several “hot” session topics that will be featured at DPF. The conference will also include sessions on:  

• Enabling the Smart Grid
• Applications of Digital Power
• Implementing Energy Harvesting Solutions
• Power System Design
• Optimizing Converter Performance
• Power Electronics Applications 

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