Product Authentication + Security SummitCombating counterfeiting and supply chain security in the electrical and electronics markets will be on the agenda this September when experts meet at a special summit in New Brunswick, New Jersey to discuss strategies for improving product security and tackling brand piracy.  

The trade in counterfeit electrical products and electronic consumer goods costs the industry hundreds of millions of dollars a year in lost revenue while some products containing non-genuine components could be potentially dangerous and threaten the health and safety of the user. The Product Authentication + Security Summit (PASS, September 14th and 15th) will see researchers, product and package designers, regulators, investigators, insurers and others leading the fight against counterfeiting share their experiences and examine ways of fighting illicit diversion, warranty fraud, supply chain incursions, cargo theft and other product security issues.  

Product sabotage, theft and counterfeiting creates an array of long lasting problems for manufacturers and their customers. Logistics companies, or those with extended supply chains, are particularly exposed to criminals, who often go to extraordinary lengths to produce counterfeit products which are then smuggled across international borders and sold to unwary customers.  

PASS, organised by Reconnaissance International and part of its expanding Authentication Connections Forum (ACF), will help brand owners and manufacturers understand better the problems involved and devise and implement more effective security programmes to protect their reputation, product integrity and, ultimately, consumers.

Delegates will be able to find out more about the latest in cargo seals, security labelling, supply chain management services, vehicle tracking systems, asset tracking systems, barcode and RFID systems, tamper evident packaging, authentication technologies, legal expertise and investigative services.

There will also be a module discussing product security issues, common themes, strategies and objectives while a specific session will focus on the bespoke solutions available for tackling electrical and electronics counterfeiting. 

Tracy Garner of Schneider Electric will outline the challenges for electrical inspectors involved in authenticating wiring accessories while Dave Lukasik of the PICA Corporation will talk about schemes to warranty fraud. Cardinal’s Dirk Rodgers will offer advice on how distributors can be integrated into a company’s product security program to combat fraud in the distribution channel.

Reconnaissance International’s Randall Burgess said: “Tough trading conditions mean manufacturers and all those involved in the supply chain are under pressure to secure routes to market and ensure their brand offering is not compromised. The summit will show how this can be achieved.

“We will draw attention the often clever but nefarious activities of counterfeiters and the consequences of their activities, while delegates will gain a much better understanding of how to keep their products safe from interference through practical, cost effective and innovative techniques and technologies.”

PASS will be held at the Hyatt Regency. The agenda, speakers and booking details can be found at