Jason LombergIf, like most of us, you can’t afford a Porsche, a mouse shaped like a Porsche is the next best thing. As novelty computer mice go, this is one of the coolest I’ve seen.

Avant Garde Gifts was kind enough to send me a sample of the “Motormouse,” and I’ve been evaluating it this week. Modeled after the Porsche 9-11, the Motormouse is a 2.4 GHz wireless mouse, replete with the standard “plug and forget” USB receiver. Like most wireless mice, installing the Motormouse is simple — insert the USB receiver, and within 5-10 seconds, you should be ready.

But it’s the sharp aesthetics that set the Motormouse apart. When you install the AAA batteries (into the trunk), the taillights flash. A spare tire serves as the scroll wheel, and the mouse itself is a very attractive piece. I’ve gotten more than a few inquisitive looks from co-workers.

The Motormouse Porsche 9-11

Holding both click buttons allows you to adjust the sensitivity settings from 400/800/1600. I found this tremendously helpful, since the default setting was waaay too sensitive. But this is personal preference.

My only real complaint is with “hibernation mode.” Most wireless mice contain an on/off button, which helps to prevent accidental activations. Instead of a button, the Motormouse goes into “hibernation mode” after a period of inactivity, and a left mouse click restores it. Granted, the Motormouse won’t activate if the parent MAC/PC is off, so this isn’t a huge issue. One could remove the USB receiver each time, but that defeats the purpose of “plug and forget.”

Motormouse can be purchased for $49.95 from the company’s website ( For $5 more, they’ll giftwrap it. The package comes with the mouse, the USB receiver, two AAA batteries, a small mousepad, and a carrying pouch. It may be early for Christmas, but the Motormouse would make a great birthday present for the tech enthusiast.