Lauren DeStefanoHumanoid Robots are becoming very popular all around the world. Japan, Iran and Vermont are only a few places that have created such structures. You may be asking yourself, “What is a humanoid robot?” A humanoid robot, also known as an Android, is a robot that is designed to look and act like a human.

These robots are made to have emotions, be able to interact, make decisions and even hold relationships. They are able to walk, run, talk and do everyday activities that a normal human would be capable of doing.

Some of the more popular humanoid robots are Surena II (Iran), Bina48 (Vermont), ReplieeQ1 (Japan) and the most well known, Asimo (Honda).

ASIMO (2000) at the Expo 2005. Credit to Gnsin.Because Asimo is well known, I’ll discuss some of its capabilities. Asimo is controlled by a computer or wireless network system. It can understand what people are saying and is able to take orders that it is given. The Asimo’s memory is programmed with voice commands so that it can recognize the words and the voice of who’s giving the commands. To be able to recognize voices, Asimo uses IC Communications Technology.

These humanoid robots are growing with new technologies every day. Large companies are even using these robots to do detail oriented work. Honda is a perfect example. They are a very large, well-known, respectable company that has created the “Asimo” humanoid robot. Also, NASA and GM are trying to work together to create a new robot called “Robonaut 2”. These companies are going to use these robots to complete tasks that they are unable to do and work on new technologies.

The robot concept has been around for years, but with new technologies, the robots are becoming more human-like and are capable of doing things that people never thought possible for a machine.

Humanoid Robots are able to communicate, think, comprehend, walk, run, dance, go up/down stairs and slopes, and develop with time. Who knows how far these robots will come…the future holds many surprises.


Movies that have Humanoid Robots
- I,Robot
- Bicentennial Man
- Star Wars
- Wall-E
- Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)

Specifications (ASIMO)
- Height: 4ft 3in
- Weight: 119 pounds
- Walking Speed: 1.7mph
- Running Speed: 3.7mph
- Power: Rechargeable 51.8V (Lithium Ion Battery)
- Operating Time: 1 hour