Earth Day is a great time to commit to protecting the environment and saving money and energy at home. This year, April 22 marks the 40th anniversary of Earth Day.

In spring 1970, Sen. Gaylord Nelson created Earth Day to "force this issue onto the national agenda." Addressing the Earth Day 1970 audience in Denver, Colo., Nelson said, "Our goal is not just an environment of clean air and water and scenic beauty. The objective is an environment of decency, quality and mutual respect for all other human being and all living creatures."

I think Sen. Nelson would be proud of the current level of enthusiasm surrounding energy efficiency and renewable energy. At, we've spent a lot of time talking about tax credits and rebates for ENERGY STAR appliances.

The DOE Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy's Earth Day Web site includes a lot of other money- and energy-saving tips and information, including:

  • An interactive animation that lets you discover what you can do to save energy and money in your home, learn how energy is being used more efficiently in communities, and see the different sources of energy being used across the country
  • Ways to use solar, wind, and geothermal technologies in your home
  • Inexpensive strategies for saving energy and money through the warm spring and summer months
  • Stories about how clean energy is helping people all across America
  • Ways the federal government is improving its energy efficiency while reducing the threat of climate change, sustaining the clean energy economy, and encouraging innovation in new technology.

Also, like our EERE and Energy Savers Facebook pages, our Earth Day poll provides another opportunity for you to interact with us. Log on to our Earth Day Web site and tell us how you'll recognize Earth Day, or, as always, we encourage you to leave a comment on this post.

Happy Earth Day!

Chris Stewart is a senior communicator at DOE's National Renewable Energy Laboratory, which assists EERE in providing technical content for many of its Web sites.