Joseph Wong It wasn’t long ago that sourcing products overseas meant logging endless hours of plane travel, working with numerous in-country middlemen, and hoping with a dose of optimism that the products were of the best quality. But today, the window to millions of quality components made anywhere in the world starts with a few clicks of a mouse. From large enterprises to the entrepreneur, the ability to source these goods swiftly, inexpensively and easily has leveled the playing field.

Convenient, Efficient and Streamlined Product Sourcing

The Internet is not going to replace the whole process of international trade for buyers and suppliers, but businesses seeking overseas goods now have a choice of B2B portals to get immediate sourcing on millions of items, as well as the assurance that the goods are competitively priced and high quality. This can especially help small- and medium-sized companies to source the best products from all corners of the globe.

Enter the Virtual Tradeshow

Now buyers can search for and contact suppliers before attending a trade fair. In the past, they might have blind searched for the suppliers at a trade fair, which is time- and cost-consuming. For example, has what we believe is the industry’s first 3D virtual tradeshow. This service allows buyers to view millions of products in 3D at 360 degrees, giving them more insight on how products are designed, and how they can use it.

Independent Third-Party Auditing Assures Quality and Safety

Third-party validation is critical to ensuring product safety and the trust between buyer and seller. uses auditors from SGS Group, one of Switzerland’s largest auditing firms, to offer assurance to our three million members. Buyers can get assurance ahead of time that an auditor has reviewed a suppliers’ business license, production capabilities and quality control systems. 

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