The Top Story
With a single blog post, Ricky Jordan's wife Christy becomes the most famous SolidWorks Community member in Alabama. Christy follows up her hilarious shot at engineers by providing tubs of homemade goodies for Ricky to bring to SolidWorks World 2009 in Orlando (I got some - did you?).

Scores of SolidWorks users begin following Christy on Twitter, and we all get to hear about her trip to Southern California (limos and cheese slices), and watch her first appearance on a local TV station.  Never before have so many SolidWorks users frequented a recipe website.

Honorable Mention
Anna Wood assumes leadership of the Phoenix Metro SolidWorks User Group.

Randall Bock convinces SWUGN to hold a Technical Summit event 200 miles from civilization - and 100+ people show up!

Mickey Dorsey resurrects the Greenville SolidWorks User Group.  137 people attend the February meeting.

Mike Puckett leaves sunny SoCal for Concord, MA and becomes a SolidWorks employee.