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Congress Urges EPA to Drop SSL Energy Star Criteria

Jason_Pic130by Jason Lomberg, Technical Editor

EPA Administrator Lisa P. JacksonTo follow up on an earlier story, congress has urged the EPA to drop its SSL Energy Star criteria. A letter, signed by nine congressional members, encourages EPA administrator Lisa Jackson to defer to the DOE on Energy Star. The letter makes mention of “the current state of affairs, in which two federal agencies have put forth two separate standards,” and that, “The overlapping standards are creating uncertainty in the industry.” For reference, the DOE’s SSL criteria can be found here.

Presumably, this request would mean rescinding the highly-controversial Version 4.2 “Technical Amendment” which, as chronicled in ECN, caused an inter-agency conflict. Among other things, 4.2 allowed incandescents to qualify for Energy Star, provided the technologies in question used motion sensors. Some saw this as a “crutch” for inefficient technologies.

Deferring to the DOE is a good first step. The last thing we need is more government regulation. Taking the EPA criteria out of Energy Star is a start. The congressional “request” doesn’t have the force of law behind it, so we await the EPA’s response.

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