There are many reasons technology companies are stepping up efforts to make their products more efficient and environmentally friendly. Those reasons range from actual concerns about the environment to saving money and presenting a positive company image. Whatever the reason this is a hot topic and our sister publication Wireless Week recently ran an article describing the efforts within the Wireless world.

Going Green
By Monica Alleven
WirelessWeek - April 01, 2008

Improving the environment is always a good idea, but wireless companies are finding ways to go green while bringing more “green” to their bottom lines.

Maybe it’s pressure from organizations such as Greenpeace. Maybe it’s just part of the larger trend of businesses going green, triggered in no small part by Nobel-prize winning Al Gore and “An Inconvenient Truth.” Perhaps by adopting environmentally friendly practices, companies find themselves saving money.
Nokia’s Remade uses no new materials.

Whatever the trigger, you’re hearing more and more wireless companies talk about their efforts toward a greener environment. It was a theme during keynotes at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) this year, where top executives from companies like China Mobile and Nokia noted their progress, and the topic is likely to come up at the CTIA Wireless 2008 convention in Las Vegas.

Alcatel-Lucent mentions its focus on climate change in a press release about its expanding W-CDMA/HSPA portfolio. Ericsson prominently displays a white paper about sustainable energy on its Website. In sum: “People now feel it’s something they have to address,” says Peter Jarich, Current Analysis analyst. complete article