Energy News: Echelon Corp. announced a design contest to encourage the use of automated control and energy-saving sensor networks. The winning designer will get $10,000 based on their invention's green potential and even its coolness. Entries must be based on Echelon's technology and the winners will be announced at the LonWorld 2007 International Exhibit and Conference, Nov. 14 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, officials said. "The focus on alternative sources as the sole answer to our energy problems is unfortunate because conservation of existing energy sources provides immediate benefits today. ... If you look at the entire market of commercial buildings and assume a 10% savings in electricity use, eliminating that electricity generation yields a decrease of hundreds of millions of metric tons of carbon dioxide generation – the equivalent of planting billions of trees," Echelon COO Bea Yormark stated. Examples of Echelon customers saving energy include:
  • The City of Oslo saves 50% on electricity for outdoor lighting
  • Japan's largest commercial/residential complex saves 20% on electricity
  • Germany's Balanced Office Building reduced its utilities 80%
  • China's Shao Steel saves more than 20% on electricity in their steel plant
  • More than 27 million homes in Italy use smart electricity meters
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