Have you ever had a vending machine eat your dollar while you stand, helpless, as it destroys your dream of a tasty afternoon snack?

Honestly, who hasn’t wanted to tackle a vending machine at least once?

Here’s your chance.

Following in the footsteps of Coca-Cola’s Hug Machine, Ogilvy+Mather public relations has taken creative advertising to an entirely different level. In Rugby-obsessed Salta Province of Argentina, the advertising giant hit a positive nerve with its creation of the Rugbeer vending machine.

The Rugbeer, designed to promote Cerveza Salta, an Argentinian beer, is a vending machine that dispenses beer only after the consumer tackles it like a rugby player.


First, insert your money. Then, tackle the machine as hard as you can from the side. If you don’t get it quite right, the digital display on the front lets you know how much harder you have to hit the padded side. No beer is dispensed until the machine is happy with your hit. No word just yet on the exact technology being used to measure the impact.

Before you laugh off the idea as just a crazy marketing ploy, while making its rounds through Argentina, the machine increased beer sales in the bars by 25 percent, according to Ogilvy.