alix paultreAs most of you know, ECN made some significant changes to itself over the last few years. We don’t intend to stop developing ourselves anytime soon.

As part of our migration to our new print format and our expanded presence online, we have created many new editorial sections and expanded our footprint to encompass more of what you want to see and discover. Our goal has been and always will be to provide the electronic design engineer with the latest news in technology, devices, subsystems, software, and components as well as other information to help you with your design efforts. ECN has added science and research news on items of interest to the electronics industry, and our blog section has essays from industry experts on a wide range of topics addressing multiple application areas.

Last year, ECN updated its website with improved navigation, expanded editorial, and a fresh new look. We added website links to all the editorial sections in print to give you better access to more of our content. In 2011, we continue to increase your access to our online content in print by adding QR codes, or 2D barcodes, to every editorial section. That way, you can use your smartphone’s camera (or your computer’s) to instantly get the URL for the section you are interested in so you can look up the content online without having to type in the address. This new accessibility sends you straight from the print page to the web page in real time so you don’t waste any of your time getting there.  

ECN QR code
For example,
this code takes you to the
ECN home page

In addition to new content access, we are also improving our content for you.

Last year we launched the Tinker’s Toolbox ('s-Toolbox/), a monthly podcast on technology and engineering issues. The feature recorded a discussion among industry players on a given topic, and the recorded discussion was then turned into a podcast for you. In 2011 we are increasing the frequency to weekly, and will make it a more tech-oriented podcast. The Tinker’s Toolbox will feature interviews with the people and companies creating the newest technology and devices, becoming a virtual “toolbox” with the latest in tech solutions for your designs.

We look forward to the New Year, and wish all of you and yours a great holiday season and a fantastic 2011!