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Microchip Technology Debuts nanoWatt XLP MicrocontrollersMicrochip Technology - nanoWatt XLP Microcontrollers

Three of nanoWatt XLP Technology’s key advantages are: Sleep currents down to 20 nA, Real-Time Clock currents down to 500 nA, and Watchdog Timer currents down to 400 nA.

National Semiconductor's SolarMagicNational Semiconductor - SM3320 In-panel SolarMagic Chipset

Solar industry’s first in-panel power optimization chipset create smart solar panels.

Silicon LabsSilicon Laboratories - Si100x/1x wireless microcontroller family

The Si100x/1x wireless MCU family is presented as the industry’s lowest power single-chip MCU solution containing an integrated sub-GHz RF transceiver.

FairchildFairchild Semiconductor - FAN7930 Critical Conduction-Mode PFC Controller

The FAN7930 is an active PFC controller for boost Power Factor Correction (PFC) applications that operates in critical conduction mode.

FairchildFairchild Semiconductor - FAN4603 6MHz, 600mA Synchronous Buck regulator

The FAN4603 synchronous DC/DC buck regulator integrates the passive components and the DC-DC regulator into a single ‘solder-and-play’ module.

FairchildFairchild Semiconductor - FAN4860 3MHz 5V TinyBoost Regulator

The FAN4860 claims the highest efficiency for the smallest form factor, and is available in two package options, WL-CSP (0.88 x 1.23mm) and ultra-thin MLP (2 x 2mm).

LTC3109Linear Technology - LTC3109 Auto-Polarity Ultralow Voltage Energy-Harvesting Power Supply

The LTC3109 is a highly integrated step-up DC/DC converter designed to start up and run from extremely low input voltage sources such as thermoelectric generators (TEGs), thermopiles and small solar cells.

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