Boards, Modules & Embedded Systems

Linear Technology - LTM2882 Dual-Isolated RS232 µModule Transceiver + PowerLinear Technology - LTM2882 Dual-Isolated RS232 µModule Transceiver + Power

The LTM2881’s integrates inductive/magnetic isolation, discrete components, ICs, and power onto a single module substrate PCB.

Texas Instruments - MSP430 MCU Value Line and LaunchPad Development KitTexas Instruments - MSP430 MCU Value Line and LaunchPad Development Kit

LaunchPad is TI’s simple, yet thorough, introduction to 16-bit MCU development, offering all of the hardware and software a developer needs to get started.

Aitech Defense Systems - C110 6U VPX SBCAitech Defense Systems - C110 6U VPX SBC

The C110 is a rugged 6U VPX SBC that offers the selection between PCI Express or Serial Rapid IO (SRIO) and a host of on-board I/O ports with an integrated dual core PowerPC processor.

Elsys Instruments - TraNET FE LAN-controlled transient recorderElsys Instruments - TraNET FE LAN-controlled transient recorder

Available with four to 32 channels, the transient recorder provides a precision of typically ±0.03%, sample rates up to 80 MS/s at a vertical resolution of 14 bits and acquisition memories up to 64 Mpoints per channel

MEN Micro - A602 6U 64-bit VMEbus SBCMEN Micro - A602 6U 64-bit VMEbus SBC

A 6U FPGA-based, triple-redundant, 64-bit VMEbus SBC that employs a redundant lock-step architecture keeping software development at a minimum and increase system reliability.

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Electromechanical/Mechanical Devices

TT electronicsTT electronics BI Technologies - RB/RBM precision turns-counting dial

The Model RB/RBM Series 1-13/16” diameter turns counting dial has the capability to count up to 15 turns, and features superior turning tightness with an improved locking mechanism.  

Knight Electronics/Orion Fans - OD1232 Series DIN-rail mounted DC spot cooling fanKnight Electronics/Orion Fans - OD1232 Series DIN-rail mounted DC spot cooling fan

Designed to solve the problem of “hot spots” within enclosures, OD1232 Series DIN-rail mounted DC spot cooling fans can be added to any existing electronic cabinet to remove heat from specific areas.

Nanopositioning Rotary StagesAerotech - ANT130-R direct-drive rotary stage

The ANT 130-R Delivers an in-position stability of 0.005 arc sec and incremental motion of 0.01 arc sec using unique direct-drive technology.

LeeP-Plastic-Composite-SpringswebLee Spring - LeeP springs

LeeP springs are molded using Ultem resin from SABIC Innovative Plastics and provide advantages over traditional springs such as a high strength-to-weight ratio, no magnetic interference, high corrosion resistance, and dielectric insulation.

Navigation Switch Combines Sensitive Touch and Tactile TechnologyC&K Components - Sensonav 14-function navigation switch

The Sensonav 14-function switch has five-way center, up, down, left and right directions with tactile feedback, free sensitive-level direction scrolling, two scrolling directions with variable speeds, and four with double speeds.

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Integrated Circuits

National Semiconductor - LMP8358 zero-drift, programmable instrumentation amplifier with on-chip diagnosticsNational Semiconductor - LMP8358 zero-drift, programmable instrumentation amplifier with on-chip diagnostics

The LMP8358 uses patented techniques to measure and continuously correct its input offset voltage, eliminating offset drift over time and temperature and the effect of 1/f noise.  

National Semiconductor - PowerWise LM49155 - Uplink Noise Suppression & Downlink SNR Enhancement Analog Audio SubsystemNational Semiconductor - PowerWise LM49155 - Uplink Noise Suppression & Downlink SNR Enhancement Analog Audio Subsystem

The PowerWise LM49155 dramatically improves the talker’s voice-signal-to-background-noise ratio while retaining natural speech quality.  

National Semiconductor - DS90UB901Q/902Q FPD-Link III family of automotive-grade serializer and deserializer (SerDes) chipsetsNational Semiconductor - DS90UB901Q/902Q FPD-Link III family of automotive-grade serializer and deserializer (SerDes) chipsets

The FPD-Link III chipsets improve driver safety and response time by delivering clock, data, and real-time I2C bidirectional control, continuously over a single differential pair.  

National Semiconductor - LM965XX eight-channel ultrasound transmit-receive chipsetNational Semiconductor - LM965XX eight-channel ultrasound transmit/receive chipset

The LM965XX eight-channel ultrasound transmit/receive chipset enables the design of both hand-carried and handheld units that deliver longer battery life and imaging performance comparable to larger console systems.  

National Semiconductor ADC12D1800 12-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC)National Semiconductor ADC12D1800 12-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC)

At 3.6 Giga-samples per second, the ADC12D1800 is 3.6 times faster than any other available 12-bit device.  

National SemiNational Semiconductor SIMPLE SWITCHER LMZEXT Family

The nine rugged but easy-to-use SIMPLE SWITCHER power modules feature an extended operating temperature range and vibration and drop testing for use in harsh environments.  

National Semiconductor - LM27402 20V Synchronous Buck ControllerNational Semiconductor - LM27402 20V Synchronous Buck Controller

The LM27402 is a 20V synchronous buck controller combining a wide input voltage range, integrated high-current gate drivers with adaptive dead-time, inductor DCR current sensing and an on-chip bias supply sub-regulator .  

LED Driver with Dynamic Headroom Control and Thermal Control Interfaces from the PowerWise FamilyNational Semiconductor - LM3464 LED Driver with Dynamic Headroom

The LM3464 is an LED driver with dynamic headroom control that efficiently drives up to four strings of LEDs.  

MicrochipMicrochip Technology - PIC12F1822 8-pin, 8-bit microcontroller

The PIC12F1822 microcontroller features include a low pin count and an industry-leading active current.

Si4010Silicon Laboratories - Si4010 EZRadio RF transmitter

The Si4010 RF transmitter is the industry’s first single-chip remote control IC requiring only one external bypass capacitor, a printed circuit board, battery and external case with pushbuttons to create a complete wireless remote control.

fairchild- FSA9280AFairchild Semiconductor - FSA9280A USB 2.0 Accessory Detection Switch w/ 28V FET

The FSA9280A is a high-performance multimedia switch featuring automatic switching and accessory detection for the USB port.  

LT4180 - Virtual Remote Sense ControllerLinear Technology - LTC4180 Virtual Remote Sense DC/DC Controller

The LT4180 Virtual Remote Sense controller continuously interrogates the line impedance and corrects the power supply output voltage to maintain a steady voltage at the load regardless of current changes.  

FujitsuFujitsu Semiconductor - MB95R203A MCU

The MB95R203A MCU incorporates 8kb of non-volatile FRAM, featuring ultra-high access speeds and the ability to retain data in memory without power.

TI logoTexas Instruments - AM389x Sitara ARM MPUs

The AM389x Sitara ARM MPUs includes a single-core ARM Cortex-A8 with performance at up to 1.5 GHz, with multiple peripherals including PCIexpress Gen 2, SATA 2.0 and dual DDR2/DDR3 interfaces.  

fbd_sprs680Texas Instruments - C6A8168 Integra DSP + ARM processor

The C6A8168 DSP + ARM processor boasts the fastest single-core floating- and fixed-point DSP performance up to 1.5 GHz, with a single-core ARM Cortex-A8.

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Packaging & Interconnects

Camden Electronics - CTT series transformer connectorsCamden Electronics - CTT series transformer connectors

CTT series transformer connectors provide protection against external contacts on small transformers.

Smart_COKW - SMART-CASE series of Contoured handheld enclosures

SMART-CASE contoured handheld enclosures feature an ergonomic design for maximum user comfort.

HI034_3800_Connector_SeriesHirose - 3800 Connector Series

The 3800 Series of rectangular I/O connector series was developed with a rugged, space-saving, low mass design ideal for use in hand-held and portable products.  

Conec - Solid-body D-sub connector seriesConec - Solid-body D-sub connector series

The water-resistant solid-body D-sub connector system developed by CONEC is intended for applications where dust and water are factors.  

MPD - Battery Gliders for CR2450 lithium cellsMPD - Battery Gliders for CR2450 lithium cells

Battery gliders combine the low cost of retainers with higher reliability than regular coin-cell battery holders.  

MPD - Vertical Lithium Coin Cell Battery HoldersMPD - Vertical Lithium Coin Cell Battery Holders

The vertical design of the battery holders allows for installation into tight spaces.

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Passive & Discrete Components

HM78TT electronics BI Technologies - HM72B Series high-power molded inductor

The HM72B Series high-power molded inductor has an wide operating temperature range and an operating frequency up to 3 MHz.

Open Air Sense ResistorsTT electronics IRC - OARS-3 Series 3-Watt SMT Open Air Current Sense Resistor

The OARS has a solid metal alloy construction that can withstand operating temperatures in excess of 350°C, more than conservative design models permit.

TT electronics IRC - LRF3W-MIL Series 3-Watt Ultralow resistance current sense chip resistorTT electronics IRC - LRF3W-MIL Series 3-Watt Ultralow resistance current sense chip resistor

The LRF3W-MIL series combines high power capabilities, small chip size, very low resistance and high reliability to handle current sensing needs.  

FairchildFairchild Semiconductor – FDMC7660 30V N-Channel PowerTrench MOSFET

The 30V N-Channel PowerTrench MOSFET is best used for Power Management and load-switching applications that are common in portable battery packs or notebook computers.

SiTime - SiT8503 kHz-range Silicon MEMS OscillatorSiTime - SiT8503 kHz-range Silicon MEMS Oscillator

The SiT8503 is the first Silicon MEMS programmable oscillator optimized for 200 kHz-1000 kHz applications, and is drop-in compatible with legacy kHz devices.

Fox Electronics - Application Specific XpressO oscillatorsFox Electronics - Application Specific XpressO oscillators

XpressO technology offers fast delivery of low jitter, small package size and multiple frequency and output options at a low cost.

0923 Double-Stage FiltersLCR Electronics - 0923 Double-Stage Filters

Operating at temperatures from -40°C to +85°C, the RoHS-compliant Double Stage 0923 Filters are used where higher voltages and operating temperature ranges than standard off the shelf filters are required

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FairchildFairchild Semiconductor FSEZ1307 Primary-Side-Regulation PWM Controller with MOSFET Integrated

Fairchild Semiconductor’s Primary Side Regulation PWM controllers enable designers of mobile chargers and adaptors, and LED lighting applications to meet rigorous power regulatory specifications.

FairchildFairchild Semiconductor FAN6754 Highly Integrated Green-Mode PWM Controller

The FAN6754 PWM controller can improve energy savings by 25 percent as compared to other solutions with features such as frequency hopping and internal soft start.

Texas Instruments - NexFET Power Block CSD86350Q5DTexas Instruments - NexFET Power Block CSD86350Q5D

With a 16-bit architecture, higher precision timers and improved peripheral integration and interfacing, the MSP430 Value Line ensures developers do not have to compromise performance for price.

Semtech Announces World's Smallest Vin Boost ConvertersSemtech – SC Family of Boost Converters

The SC120, SC121 and SC122 boost inputs from as low as 0.7V to a regulated output settable from 1.8V to 5.0V and come in 1.5 x 2 mm ultra-thin (0.6mm max.) plastic packages.

DLynx Family of DOSA-based POL convertersLineage Power – DLynx Family of DOSA-based POL converters

Available in DOSA-based digital and analog versions, the DLynx POL converters have a PMBus interface and space-saving Tunable Loop technology to deliver a current density of 8.1A/cm2.

National SemiNational Semiconductor - WEBENCH FPGA Power Architect Online FPGA Power System Design Tool

Industry’s first design tool to model and optimize power supplies for FPGAs in minutes includes specs on over 130 FPGAs from Altera, Xilinx and others.

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Long Distance Reflective SwitchTT electronics OPTEK Technology - OPB725A-18Z Series reflective object sensor

The OPB725A-18Z can detect various objects at distances up to 24” or more from the sensor face with a high level of immunity to background lighting (10000 lux typical).

Sensor Products - Tactilus Sensor System for Test & DesignSensor Products - Tactilus Sensor System for Test & Design

The new Tactilus heat-sink analysis system can precisely test the surface contact and pressure distribution between the heat sink and a semiconductor.

OSRAM Opto Semiconductors SFH 5712 digital ambient light sensorOSRAM Opto Semiconductors SFH 5712 digital ambient light sensor

The SFH 5712 is a low-voltage digital ambient light sensor that detects ambient light with a relative sensitivity matching the human eye and delivers high speed data rates of up to 3.4 MHz.

PIHER PSC-360 Non-contacting PSC-360 programmable Hall effect magnetic sensorPIHER PSC-360 Non-contacting PSC-360 programmable Hall effect magnetic sensor

The PSC-360 sensor features a switch function not found in other 360º absolute position sensors that can be programmed at any angle as well as an indicator for multi-turn applications.

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Test & Measurement

Total Phase - 4.3 Protocol Analysis SoftwareTotal Phase - 4.3 Protocol Analysis Software

Data Center 4.3 Software is a real-time interactive protocol analysis software package for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X that also performs real-time USB class-level decoding with cross-platform and native 64-bit OS support.

Infiniium 90000 X-Series oscilloscopesAgilent Technologies - DSA93204A 32-GHz Infiniium Oscilloscope

The DSA93204A is presented as the highest bandwidth real-time oscilloscope that measures rise times as fast as 12.4pS (10/90) with transistor cutoff frequencies in excess of 200 GHz.

oscilloscope_series_header_wavemasterLeCroy - WaveMaster 8 Zi-A digital oscilloscope

The WaveMaster 8 Zi-A digital oscilloscope is presented as the world’s highest bandwidth and fastest sample rate real-time oscilloscope – combined with 768 Megapoints of analysis memory.

CSP Optical FA Test SocketAries Electronics - CSP Optical FA Test Socket

A CSP test socket with a window that optically exposes 100% of the top of the DUT (device under test) for FA (failure analysis) testing in EMMI (emission microscopy) or optical sensor applications.

Teseq - ITS 6006 Immunity Test SystemTeseq - ITS 6006 Immunity Test System

The ITS 6006 features two updated, rugged RF power meter models, the PMR 6006 and PMU 6006, with an expanded frequency range from 1 MHz to 6 GHz and linear measurement range of -45 dBm to +20 dBm.

Elma Systems - E-Frame Series Test PlatformElma Systems - E-Frame Series Test Platform

The E-Frame Series connects multiple backplanes to efficiently simulate various fabric topologies, eliminating the need for costly custom backplanes and allowing high speed signals to be passed from one slot to the next.

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Cree_MPLCree - Xlamp MPL

The XLamp MP-L EasyWhite LED offers the performance, color consistency and lumen density to displace conventional light sources, in a 12 mm x 13 mm package.

SFDK LED DriverEndicott Research Group - SFDK Series LED driver module for LED-backlit LCDs

The SFDK Series dual-output driver board with connectors on both sides of the PCB can power up to 8 LED strings at a maximum of 4 on each side.

Powerful LED flash for cell phonesOSRAM Opto Semiconductors - OSLUX II model LUW_FQ6N LED for smart phone camera flash applications

The OSLUX II uses OSRAM's new UX:3 chip in a compact package with an integrated lens that emits a uniform rectangular pattern of light.

Global Lighting Technologies - Troffer DownlightGlobal Lighting Technologies - Troffer Downlight

The LEDs are spaced along the edge of the troffer assembly against the light guide to create an assembly with a brightness of >60 lumens/W measuring 23.5” x 23.5” x 0.35.

National Semiconductor - WEBENCH LED Architect Visual tool for complete lighting system designNational Semiconductor - WEBENCH LED Architect Visual tool for complete lighting system design

WEBENCH LED Architect allows novice and expert designers to perform real-time comparisons and optimize complex lighting systems for performance, size and cost in minutes.

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Energy Efficiency

Microchip Technology Debuts nanoWatt XLP MicrocontrollersMicrochip Technology - nanoWatt XLP Microcontrollers

Three of nanoWatt XLP Technology’s key advantages are: Sleep currents down to 20 nA, Real-Time Clock currents down to 500 nA, and Watchdog Timer currents down to 400 nA.

National Semiconductor's SolarMagicNational Semiconductor - SM3320 In-panel SolarMagic Chipset

Solar industry’s first in-panel power optimization chipset create smart solar panels.

Silicon LabsSilicon Laboratories - Si100x/1x wireless microcontroller family

The Si100x/1x wireless MCU family is presented as the industry’s lowest power single-chip MCU solution containing an integrated sub-GHz RF transceiver.

FairchildFairchild Semiconductor - FAN7930 Critical Conduction-Mode PFC Controller

The FAN7930 is an active PFC controller for boost Power Factor Correction (PFC) applications that operates in critical conduction mode.

FairchildFairchild Semiconductor - FAN4603 6MHz, 600mA Synchronous Buck regulator

The FAN4603 synchronous DC/DC buck regulator integrates the passive components and the DC-DC regulator into a single ‘solder-and-play’ module.

FairchildFairchild Semiconductor - FAN4860 3MHz 5V TinyBoost Regulator

The FAN4860 claims the highest efficiency for the smallest form factor, and is available in two package options, WL-CSP (0.88 x 1.23mm) and ultra-thin MLP (2 x 2mm).

LTC3109Linear Technology - LTC3109 Auto-Polarity Ultralow Voltage Energy-Harvesting Power Supply

The LTC3109 is a highly integrated step-up DC/DC converter designed to start up and run from extremely low input voltage sources such as thermoelectric generators (TEGs), thermopiles and small solar cells.

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